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Sorry to have to coin a phrase from my high school years (like a MOM or something), but The Vow is all up on my jock today. Due to the prevalance of The Notebook, Mean Girls, and Wedding Crashers, Rachel McAdams is a Tumblr mainstay. However, there is a surprising amount of Channing Tatum on my dashboard today, and a whole lot of his skin. I knew he had fans, but I didn’t know I associated with people who were his fans!

Just kidding. He just looks a lot like my brother so I’m like ew, Channing Tatum. I also think he’s this generation’s Keanu Reeves, an idea I plan on expanding on soon on this here blog. But one more thing: The Vow = The Lake House?

So there’s more Channing under the cut, because today is Channing Tatum Day on Tumblr and people like to look at him and I like to give people what they want (most of the time). There’s also a couple of other movie’s out this weekend, but who cares about Denzel and The Rock when you have CHANNING?

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Here’s the truth, everyone: I’m a film fanatic and I’ve never seen the Harry Potter movies. While I’ve seen his face everywhere since he’s Daniel Radcliffe, I’ve never really seen him act. So you tell me—will he score non-franchise gold with the horror film The Woman in Black? Plus, here are the rest of the big movies opening this weekend! What are you going to see?

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Tilda knows all.


Tilda Swinton may have just lost out on an Oscar nomination, but that doesn’t mean her starring role in We Need to Talk About Kevin isn’t worth seeing. If you’re into making up narratives for people you don’t know, you’ll join me in noticing her archnemesis and actual Oscar nominee Glenn Close has her dream project opening this weekend, too. And Katherine Heigl rounds out this lady-centric weekend in movie releases. Though, Liam Neeson does have something to say about that, and it probably sounds like RAAAAAAAAAWR!!!!!!! based on the trailers for The Grey.

Here’s what’s new in theaters…

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