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Sorry to have to coin a phrase from my high school years (like a MOM or something), but The Vow is all up on my jock today. Due to the prevalance of The Notebook, Mean Girls, and Wedding Crashers, Rachel McAdams is a Tumblr mainstay. However, there is a surprising amount of Channing Tatum on my dashboard today, and a whole lot of his skin. I knew he had fans, but I didn’t know I associated with people who were his fans!

Just kidding. He just looks a lot like my brother so I’m like ew, Channing Tatum. I also think he’s this generation’s Keanu Reeves, an idea I plan on expanding on soon on this here blog. But one more thing: The Vow = The Lake House?

So there’s more Channing under the cut, because today is Channing Tatum Day on Tumblr and people like to look at him and I like to give people what they want (most of the time). There’s also a couple of other movie’s out this weekend, but who cares about Denzel and The Rock when you have CHANNING?

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